Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happier When -- Maybe

Leaving the calm and remote RV camping at Shelton Elks:

Arrived at Roamers Rest south of Portland and parked cheek to jowl.

Why you ask. It is the nature of human condition to anticipate happier times "if something". For me it was warmer weather. My preference for day time temperatures at 80 degrees plus or minus five degrees was not going to be met by my original destination RV camping along the Pacific Ocean. My conclusion is that I am a sunny southwest person. (Note to self: southwest's Four Corners in summer 2011.)

Abandoning plans along the Pacific coast, I have arrived at Portland about three weeks earlier than my original intent. This early arrival will give me plenty of opportunity for exploring -- Portland, its suburbs, the nearby Columbia River, the Willamette Valley, long day trips, etc. And find a dental hygienist and dentist for an annual checkup. After this extended stay, I will be ready to resume nomadic travel.


  1. Let me know if you find a dentist - I could use one.

  2. Welcome "home." We and the Four Corners applaud your decision. I think it was August before we could enjoy some true warmth on the northwest beaches. It's a short summer up their on the water.


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