Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Day Anticipation

The big day is getting closer.

A few days ago in the post about covered bridges, I noted meeting Brad who was celebrating his birthday by riding an equivalent in miles to his age -- 40. A comment from an anonymous reader (Dee) wondered if I was going to do a similar ride for my birthday. 70 is a lot of miles. The short answer: NO.

Searching for photos from the past (thanks to Mom) to accompany some of the photos this week, there were many to choose from. Some were just interesting. Others were memories. There were studio posed shots. There were group photos from grade school. Lots to choose from, but nothing really embarrassing. This may be the closest. The photo dates to 1944. That kid with the scrunched up face on the right is Wandrin Lloyd.

The short pants are still part of daily attire. Plain colored shirts have been replaced with Hawaiian themes. Gave up on the high top shoes -- except for hiking.

So what will I do to celebrate that special day. Don't know. How about doing something Zen-like and live in the moment. With that as a pretext, I will celebrate every day.


  1. You robbed me of the chance to point out that certain features in your wardrobe haven't changed in all these years.

    70 miles? Who cares about miles? I'll bet you could ride 70 kilometers.

  2. Didn't you mother ever warn you that your face would freeze that way? Happy Birthday - it's only a number, after all.

  3. We will miss sharing a special Happy Birthday lunch with you. Hope your birthday and everyday is enjoyable. :-)

  4. Or how about 70 minutes?

  5. You could always fly to Texas and we could go back to the Stagecoach Inn. I promise I won't eat all your okra....


  6. Lloyd,

    Happy Birthday! 70 is a good number but it's just a number after all. How about reading 70 books in the next year?


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