Monday, July 5, 2010

Whale Watch

Whales have their life. If they don't feel like playing, they don't. They do whatever they want. How about some spirals and splashes. Nope. They aren't getting paid to perform. They were searching for their lunch of salmon. That according to the on board naturalist.

This wasn't the first time for a whale watch. Humpbacks were the previous whale watches -- off Hawaii's Maui coast. This time it was the orcas in the waters off Anacortes, WA. There were times we were closer to Canada than the US. (No shots were fired to protect their borders.)

I didn't have high expectations to see whales doing flips, flops and rolls. And I wasn't disappointed. My conclusion. No more whale watches. On a Maui whale viewing years ago I saw a great show by the whales. There is no reason the experience could ever be repeated.

So if I want to see whales perform, the next time I will head to Sea World in San Diego. However, that won't happen.

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  1. We went whale watching off Mexico a few years ago. Went out in the bay and found one (1) whale. Followed that poor guy around and around while people took photos; mostly of each other with a tiny piece of whale in the extreme background. My wife's uncle and I tipped the margarita guy and we all got sunburned and smashed. THAT was a good day!


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