Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Addendum - written by Vanita Wolf (Lloyd's daughter in San Diego)

Though it was my Dad's last post, I would like to share a bit of closure.

My father died (he hated the euphemism 'passed away') 7/8 at 12:11 AM.  He died peacefully in his sleep; he was ready and from his perspective, death couldn't come soon enough. On June 13th, my Father, Rich (great friend of 30+ years), and I made a last journey from Tucson to my home in San Diego. My brother and mom came out and we spent some good time together, and even celebrated my 44th birthday. Dad spent the last of his days being well cared for; he enjoyed fresh sashimi, he had great food, watched some spaghetti westerns which he enjoyed, and I am grateful to have been able to spend these last days with him and ensure he had everything he needed or wanted.  He was always there for me.

A quote from my Dad's note to me and my brother (TJ Treichel)...

"If you want to have some kind of event to "celebrate' (mark the occasion) of my death, I request that you have a nice meal and talk about me.  You may pour a glass of Crown Royal on ice for me to join you in the "spirit" of the occasion.  For anyone who has a great desire to leave a memorial in my name, choose an organization whose goal it is to "save the wild places" of this earth.  I have enjoyed those places as I live and I hope that many more people will be able to enjoy them after I die."

As Dad always said...
Enjoying life is a matter of balance...
Vanita - 'Lloyd Treichel's Daughter'