Monday, November 8, 2010

Cannibal Burger

That was the title of the podcast that I downloaded this morning from A Way With Words.

The first call from a listener asked if the cannibal burger was unique to Milwaukee. Discussion followed with the what, where and how. Grossed out one of the hosts.

The caller described the cannibal burger the way I remembered it. It is ground sirloin (or very lean beef sliced very thin) on German rye bread, a slab of onion, mustard, salt and pepper. Absolutely delicious.

My dining is mostly vegetarian with lots of salads with a meat meal thrown in now and then for variety. Then there are those times when raw fish (sashimi) is the choice when I dine out. From there it is easy to consider a raw beef. At least for me.

Since cannibal burger might be considered gauche at French restaurants, it is called steak tartare. Never did like their interpretation of raw beef. Just give me the style that I had back in the farming community taverns around 1960.

In the 21st century, there probably isn't a restaurant anywhere that would serve raw beef. To get a pink and bloody centered hamburger, the restaurant requires a signed form to hold the restaurant harmless should your become ill.

Looks like a sirloin steak will be coming home with me on my next visit to the grocer.


  1. Groan. Your usual eating habits. I could see it coming. It results from a campground membership keeping a traveler enslaved on the Left Coast, with all those moonbeams and Buddhists. (grin)

    You need to spend more time in the REAL West, the interior West, where the bumper stickers say, "Eat More Beef. The West wasn't won on salads."

    Amen to that.

  2. You can get sick eating salads just as quick as eating rare beef (remember the spinach fiasco) and of course got knows what disease you could pick up from a salad at a fast food place. I know they wear gloves out front but what happens behind closed doors is another story. Kids, after all, will be kids.
    So I eat my steaks bloody at home... and enjoy a side salad, but when I go out I prefer things throughly cooked and avoid the salad bars.

  3. Boonie and Mark,
    Jeesh. I was hoping there would be some comments about bloody raw meat, but instead it is about salad.

    First. All my salads are out of my refrigerator. Don't see much point in going to a restaurant and ordering a salad. Dining away from home means eating something I can't make at home -- or it is too much bother. Great time to have a meat dish of some sort.

    When I eat out, it is never at a fast food place. When I eat out, I want the food brought to me on a plate with knife and fork.

    The West would not have happened had it not been for all that salad (grass) that vegetarian cattle grazed. :)

  4. Oh that burger is not for me, but I am really excited to learn about a new podcast to listen to on my iPhone. Thanks!

  5. "When I eat out, I want the food brought to me on a plate with a knife and fork."

    I seem to remember you gobbling up a super sized Philly cheesesteak with curly fries on a paper plate during a recent visit to the Republic of Northern CA. :-)

  6. I remember when I was a little girl my Grandfather would eat raw hamburger. He'd chop up onions, mush it all together with salt and pepper and eat it.

  7. I still live on the edge....I love raw hamberg with salt and pepper and just savor the flavor......

  8. If done right I also like raw tuna as well as raw meat...but not too many places in the SW offer it ;-(

  9. Anonymous,
    Buy sushi quality tuna, bring it home, slice it and dip in wasabi makes a great snack -- or meal along with a salad.

  10. Thanks if I can only find sushi quality tuna in Benson ;-)

  11. John,
    I make exceptions to the "knife and fork" rule when someone else treats. :))


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