Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Photo Favorite

This photo was taken (May 2008) at the Battle Rock school house located about ten miles west of Cortez, Colorado. My reason for stopping was the building constructed with local sand stone. Built about 1910 plus or minus a few years, the out houses still exist, but are not longer in use. They have been replaced with indoor plumbing in a school addition.

Today the building is a charter school of about 30 children for kindergarten to grade 6. When I arrived, the school was between classes which allowed me to tour the inside. The personal computers along the walls were an interesting feature of a one room school built almost 100 years ago with out electricity and outdoor plumbing.

As I left, I crossed the irrigation ditch in front of the school to see this young man showing his tree climbing prowess. When asked if it was okay to take a photo, the result was his some what surly expression.

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