Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Future Travel

Although I have stopped wandering around the US, I have not stopped exploring -- or travel.

The short list of urban areas to call home after 12 years of wandering included Tucson. Tucson was chosen for my settled existence because it has nine months of good weather. The remaining three months are June, July and August. (data courtesy of weather.com)

Ave. Ave. Mean Ave

High Low Temp Precip
Jan  65 42 54 0.97
Feb  68 44 56 0.96
Mar  74 48 61 0.77
Apr  82 55 69 0.36
May  91 64 78 0.17
Jun  99 72 86 0.21
Jul  99 76 88 2.34
Aug  97 75 86 2.24
Sep  94 71 83 1.18
Oct  84 59 72 0.86
Nov  73 48 61 0.62
Dec  64 41 53 0.97

When I settled into my Tucson home, I considered staying for the summer. It's all about adapting to the temperatures -- and the summer monsoons. There are residents of Tucson who live, work and play here year round.

The non-working locals adapt by beginning their outside play at sunup and by ten they are back home as it heats up. Siesta time and relaxing fills the time until the sun goes down when they enjoy the cooler hours of the evening.

Leaving town for those summer months is also an option. It would be a good time to travel to higher elevations or northern latitudes in the US. The list of places in the US and Canada that would qualify in those categories is endless.

After more thoughts and internet searching, I was looking at numerous options for summer travel. Some options: a self planned Alaskan tour via the Marine Highway; a train tour of US and Canada; an extended stay in a northwest city; an extended stay southwestern Colorado; and others.

Another attractive option was a stay in a park model at an RV park in Prescott Valley, AZ. Just bring my stuff to a furnished unit. So I made the deposit for a three month stay. About 200 miles from Tucson, and at 5000 feet, it was a good choice for cooler weather. The RV park home would be a home base for local exploring and the possibility of an overnight trip or two to other northern Arizona exploring.

Summer travel for 2014 will be northern Arizona. It is too early to make firm plans for 2015, but it will definitely include a swing through parts of Colorado and the Colorado Front Range.


  1. I really like this new style. That is very attractive to me.

    1. I'm looking forward to the new way of travel. Kind of like the old days before living full time in the trailer.

  2. trains, my young man, travel by train live out of a backpack. you will never regedit!!!!

    1. It would certainly be an interesting experience and no doubt provide some stories.

  3. Sounds very interesting Lloyd. I will be watching your travels and learning new ideas.

    1. At this time it is mostly ideas and thoughts. Nothing was firm when I traveled as a full time RVer. I don't expect my future travel will be any different.

  4. Don't forget Arizona's "Sky Islands" of which Mt Lemmon is one. These high mountains have alpine forests and are very cool and shady during the summer.

  5. we love the front range of Colorado. Mountaindale Cabins and RV resort is beautiful!
    http://www.mountaindalecampground.com/...we've stayed their in our rig and the whole area is full of wonderful things to see and do


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