Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blasting Is Scheduled

That kidney stone that tried to pass last Friday night took up residence at the ureter. A second visit to the ER on Monday morning proved it hadn't moved.

The referred urologist was contacted on Monday to get the ER records. Getting the records less than a block turned out to be a problem. After two requests -- over two days -- to the hospital from the urologist and no response, this morning I went to the hospital to get the records. Then to the urologist office with the records.

Fortunately, the doctor was in the office. After viewing the CT Scan and Xray, he described what to expect during the blasting of the kidney stone. I really didn't care how it was done. Just do it.

Blasting is scheduled for seven a.m. on Friday. Show up at five a.m. No problem. I'll be there.

I'm looking forward to the blasting of a 6mm stone into something that will pass through the system.


  1. Hope everything comes out OK. That's a lot of pain to endure.

    1. Hope the blast is the end of it. Over six days of pain and pain killers. I've had it!


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