Sunday, October 14, 2012


Unloading. Relieving stress. Cooling off. Venting. Ranting.

That is the subject of this post. Then I am going off to hike.

1. Health care should never be completely free. There should be a co-pay for every medical visit. For those who are destitute, that is the time for a government program.

2. Debates should not be televised. Without body language and just listening to the words of the debaters, people would draw very different conclusions. (Caveat. I didn't see or listen to the debates.)

3. TV -- and radio -- is entertainment. The TV talking heads make millions. Don't forget it is all about the number of listeners and advertising.

4. This is not original, but Senators and Congressmen should wear the logos of their "sponsors" on their suits -- like NASCAR drivers.

5. Presidential elections should be done by popular vote -- not the Electoral College. The candidates would have to appeal to all voters not just a few voters from the "swing states".

6. Take the penny out of circulation. If the legislators were serious about anything, the penny would be gone. But there is the zinc mining lobby that seems to have bought a few votes. Surprise.

7. How about a one percent solution to balance the federal budget. Everyone takes a one percent reduction in their government check. No exceptions. That includes my social security. Increase the taxes by one per cent. No exceptions. Leave all the loopholes in place. The only thing that changes is the rate.

8. Waiting for someone in the legislative bodies to admit that the war on drugs has failed. Has no one learned from the history of the prohibition of alcohol. The war on drugs has simply created the Mexican Mafia for the control of narcotics distribution. The war on drugs has also created a new industry called the prison system.

9. Don't understand how some members on the conservative group of society want to get government out of life, but they also want to make laws that same sex couples can't marry and no abortion under any circumstances.

10. How come the Fed continues to spend money to make banks wealthy by buying non performing loans. What about the underwater loans of many home owners. Why not buy those -- or at least the underwater part. That would help to get the economy going when people have money to spend on consumer stuff.

There. I feel better. Needed to get those thoughts shared with my readers -- if anyone has gotten this far.

Time to head out away from the internet and radio and off to some hiking. Cooling off.


  1. I would add one more.....eliminate the parties and everyone runs as an individual.
    With that, I nominate you. :)

  2. Such simple and concrete ideas! Which of course dooms them to failure. After all why would we need all those elected officials. Have an awesome hike!!

  3. Nicely enjoy the hike...Jil

  4. I just checked the weather in Benson... hard to cool off hiking in 84 degree temps. But that's probably cooler than when you were having "politics" for breakfast :))
    Enjoy the desert.
    Box Canyon Mark

  5. Sometimes it just feels better to unload :) I agree that government always seems to complicate things when the simple solution would work. Hope you had a nice hike.

  6. Thanks for the comments. The hike was great.

    Mark, I was off hiking when the temps were in the mid 60s. Good temps for a hike.

  7. I read the whole list..numbers 4 and 9 made me laugh out loud! All true, and I hope you feel better for having unloaded. Wouldn't it be great if politics was more straight forward and logical?

  8. Amen on #8. Sometimes it seems as though everyone I meet is a cop of some sort: city, county sheriff, highway patrol, SBI, FBI, DEA, ATF, homeland security, customs and border patrol, park rangers, wildlife officers. I could go on and on. Our local newspaper prints a weekly article on who is wanted by the police in our city and why; usually, it is for some drug offense, frequently for minor offenses like possession of paraphenalia. Law enforcement has become an industry in itself. With so many officers dependent on crimes, would it be detrimental to the economy to decriminalize drugs?

  9. I think the government should declare Victory in its War on Drugs and offer any drug to anyone that wants it FREE.
    Legalizing drugs and taxing them would make them more expensive than they are now. That would not reduce the crimes that are committed to buy drugs now or when they are taxed.
    The money saved from the War could easily provide all the FREE drugs that the users might want. They will probably not be able to work so put them on disability with food stamps and Medicaid and it would still probably be cheaper.


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