Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No More Comment Anonymity

No more anonymity on my Blogger site.

On my initial use of Blogger, captchas were used to keep the internet robots from posting comments on my site. I removed the captcha requirement and several months later I started to get an infrequent spam comment. However, over the past couple of months, there have been on average about three to four spam comments per day generated by internet robots. That far outnumbers the real comments that are posted.

Something had to be done. The blogger settings were changed. No more anonymity. Going forward, either an OpenID or Google registration will be required to post a comment at the Wandrin Lloyd blog.

If the internet robot programmers figure out how to post comments with a Google registration, captchas will be turned on for comments. Another possibility is to turn off comments entirely. It's an option.

Eliminate comment anonymity. Simplify. Make life easy.


  1. In my experience, Blogger does a flawless job of filtering out spam comments. I get maybe one or two per day, but they always automatically go to the spam folder instead of being published for all to see. If this isn't the case with your blog, I wonder why?

  2. Glenn, Blogger does filter them. My complaint is that I have to monitor the spam bucket to delete them. Since Blogger recognizes the comment as spam, why couldn't I specify all identified spam is automatically deleted without my having to manage the spam bucket.

  3. Well, occasionally a legit comment gets tagged as spam, so it's nice to be able to correct that. Otherwise, there's no reason why you can't just leave the spam folder alone. Nobody but you will ever see it.

  4. What Glenn said, same here. I just go into the spam folder once a week or so... no big deal. Blogger catches 99.9 percent of my spam... about 10 per day now, and usually on the same old posts from way back, not the new ones. Weird, because who's going to even see them?
    Box Canyon Mark

  5. Glenn and Mark, Yes. I could monitor the spam folder and I did until just tired of the process. The few valid anonymous comments is not worth my time to review the spam folder. My time is valuable. ;-))

    Mark, Also noted that all those comments are to posts months and sometimes years old. Would be great if there was a Blogger setting where no comments could be posted to anything older than ten days. Guessing that would eliminate the spam.


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