Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Without Color

Heading south this fall, I've not seen colorful scenic views. If you were looking for fall color, check out Mark's Box Canyon Blog. He has been posting the golds and oranges from some of his hikes in the San Juans.

The fall colors that I saw in my travels were more subdued. A two night stop at Elephant Butte State Park provided the typical fall color for this area. With little rainfall, the water level of the reservoir is down. Way down. On the north end of the reservoir, where water once stood, it is grass. Might be able to start farming that land.

Low water levels is the situation for many of the reservoirs along the east side of the Rocky Mountains. Between agriculture use and urban consumption, the water levels are drawn down. That is done with the anticipation that the snowfall will be normal this winter so the reservoirs can be filled again. That is the hope.

With little rainfall, some plants have evolved to adapt to these conditions. A solitary blooming yellow bush appears to be one of those.

A blue flower seemed to resemble the blue flax. A single example of that plant was found.

Then there was this plant that resembled a squash. Found more than one example of the vines with very few squash. Are these edible. Don't know. It's just not like me to leave vegetation untasted. Am I getting old.

Don't need colorful trees to inform of winter's coming. Cooler days and nights. Halloween super stores are opening in empty store fronts. Grocery stores are selling pumpkins. Yup. All the factors are pointing to fall.

Just wondering… Does a color blind person enjoy the scenic vistas of Colorado's fall colors. What does it look like for the color blind.


  1. I can't believe you didn't try one of those squash/melon things. Ron would have never passed that up!

  2. Lloyd,
    It seems you are too far south too soon! What's up with that... you are missing out on not only the colors of fall, the cool temps, but also the smell. You really must like to wear those Hawaiian shirts :)) Still getting into the 60's during the daytime... but a couple of weeks and we will be departing for Utah, and Zion all of November. Hope to cross paths in AZ. this winter.
    Box Canyon Mark... and thanks for the link :))

  3. The green area in the north part of Elephant Butte State Park has a winding river running through it with a large variety of birds using the grass to hide next to the water. I'm sure they prefer a river & grass over a reservoir.


  4. Barb and Ron, A past experience with something called wild cucumber (I believe) made me reluctant to try this. That taste was terrible. Later research said it was poisonous. Hmmm.

    Mark, Looking forward to a visit in AZ.

    Rita, The only birds I saw were soaring vultures and hawks.

  5. That squash/melon is a gourd and would not taste very good. Cows love them and it makes their milk bitter. However, the gourd seeds are like pumpkin seeds so they could be on the menu.


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