Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Old iPad

With Apple's anticipated announcement of a mini iPad today, my iPad is really old technology and capability.

On April 3, 2010, I picked up my iPad the first day they were available for purchase. Only two and a half years later it is bordering on antique status.

Compared to the later iPad models, my iPad has no camera, slower processor speed, heavier, less screen definition. Resale value had already plummeted with each announcement. Yes. It became an antique. Or at least a collectible.

When the latest (new) iPad was introduced, and with the Apple iPhone 5, the operating system has also been upgraded. Current version is iOS 6.0. That new op sys cannot be installed on my iPad. No doubt much of the op sys function has changed for the latest hardware incorporated in these later products.

Since that latest op sys and as the apps upgrade for the later model iPads, many of the apps on my iPad frequently crash. They may also crash on the newer iPads. However, my belief is that it is my older iPad running on iOS 5.1 on the older hardware which is the contributing factor to the app crashes that I experience. One site with frequent crashes is Apple's App Store. For other sites, a factor seems to be video content embedded in many internet articles. Don't view videos, but their existence causes the crash. Didn't take long to avoid the apps and web sites where the crashes occur.

My iPad does a great job to meet my wants. It is the only eReader that I have. (Donated the Kindle and the Nook to libraries.) In addition to reading books, the internet provides the news, a "reference librarian", playing games, doing crosswords, etc.

No I am not going to get a mini iPad. My iPad may be obsolete and considered an antique, but it is mine and it still works great for my wants.


  1. I agree with you, although I'm not an Apple person. I also wait as long as I can before upgrading to a new gadget. But when I do, it sure is fun to have the new item.

    I have a smartphone, Kindle Fire and my HP laptop, and can't see anything on the horizon that I need in addition to those.

    Well, plus an MP3 player full of books on tape from the library and a Sirius Radio. I guess I'm pretty well stocked as far as technology goes. :)

  2. Ironically I was telling a co-worker today that I was still using my iPad1 with no intentions of upgrading. I have everything Apple but will stick with what works, and it all does after 2 years with no problems.

  3. I have a Nook too but would rather have an Ipad for the versatility.

  4. Have you dropped out of your own culture and society? "...but it is mine and it still works great for my wants."

    That's the whole point: unless you want to be seen as a loser, you need to update your WANTS. In fact they need to be turned into NEEDS that the latest and greatest gadget can just barely satisfy.

  5. Me and..., Every new item is fun for a couple of days.

    bhounds, Haven't found a single reason to go to a later model iPad. Cameras, speed, weight, size... All mean nothing for my usage of the iPad.

    McBe, There are days I wonder whether I need the MacBook. Could I live with just the iPad. Then there is the other consideration of living without the iPad in favor of a 13 inch laptop. Boonie does just fine with just a laptop.

    Boonie, Yup, I've given up trying to support the technology industry. Really I don't have much of a choice since all my dollars are going to keep my truck on the road. :-)

  6. I've tried reading books on my laptop when reclining, but find it pretty heavy and clunky. a 13-inch might be just the ticket. Don't you still need the computer with the iPad for downloading purposes? Also, can you look at .pdf documents on the ipad?

  7. McBe, there are several apps available for reading PDFs on the iPad. One available from Adobe. No problem downloading directly to the iPad.

  8. Sorry, for you, to learn that my first-gen iPad isn't the only one out there crashing more and more frequently. Mine's now dropping WiFi all the time, too. It's as good as gone -- along with all my other Apple iGadgets. 17" MacBook Pro already sold (which by itself pays for the new Windows machine mentioned below). 13" MBP, iPad, and iPod Touch already locked into a sell price at Gazelle.com. Did that before the latest Apple iProduct iEvangelical iEvent so as to get a higher price.

    I'm going to consolidate and simplify: one 11.6" 1920x1080 convertable slate/notebook running Windows 8. One device to rule them all! We'll see how that works out.

    Plus a paperwhite Kindle because I love e-ink screens for reading. :)

  9. Ted, Seriously will be interested in your experience with a single tool to do everything.

    Since the iPad one has little value as a resale, may as well keep it until it no longer works or the frustration level is too high. Unlike you, I will remain on the dark side with my MacBook. My problems and memories of Microsoft are still too vivid. And I knew what I was doing.

    If there is an e-ink reading device that can read Kindle, Nook, my downloads, etc, there might be one of those devices in my future.

  10. Certainly no great love for Microsoft here. I've been burned by their Genuine Advantage anti-piracy activation thing with Win7 and Office (had to call to activate the former every time, the latter stopped working altogether and the automated voice system would hang up on me if I tried that). I went back to XP as a solution to one, bought a new copy of Office for the other problem.

    Nope, no great love at all for MS.

    ... But I've come to detest Apple even more. And a few months with Windows 8 Preview proved to me hat I can live -- nay, thrive -- with it. Again, we shall see how it works out in reality. ;)


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