Thursday, October 11, 2012

Memory Issue?

The MacBook is fine. It's my memory that might have the problem.

It was a laundry day that the issue appeared. After the washer cycle, I put the load in the dryer and returned 30 minutes later to retrieve the dry laundry. Pulled a cart to a location beneath the dryer and started to pull the clothes out of the dryer. That was when I noticed something pink falling among the pile of clothes. Whoa. Do I have the wrong dryer. Nope. The items were mine except for the pink item. Held it up to take a closer look. Not real close. It was a woman's panties. Wonder how that ended in my laundry.

Did a quick review of the past week. Wow. Sure don't remember any event where a lady's article of clothing could have been left at Wandrin Wagon. It's scary.

Sure wish I could remember what may have been a good time.  At my age, it could be a memory issue.


  1. Don't I remember a line about memory being the 'second' thing to go? Let's hope you haven't lost either!

  2. Now the telling question is, did you keep them :))

  3. Funny. I'm sure some lady who used the machine before you is wondering what happened to her panties. Let's hope it doesn't get her into trouble ...

  4. Don, Probably not a good idea to respond to your comment. :-)

    Mark, They were a little large for me so I left them at the "run away clothes". :-)

    Tesaje, Thanks for clearing up the mystery. :-)

  5. LOL. Somewhere, a woman is scratching her head, saying where the **** did I lose those panties? I am currently searching for a lost sock, hardly as interesting as your find, but I sure miss that

  6. The woman that is missing those panties is a RVer. I found a pair of pink panties mixed in with my clothes in a dryer also a couple of weeks ago.

  7. Perhaps you did not notice the woman in the back of the laundromat with the big smile!


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