Sunday, January 27, 2013

More GBs For Less $$

The two year contract on the Verizon air card was coming up in a couple of months so I started looking into what would replace that air card. Perhaps nothing. The air card was already the latest in technology with 3G and 4G support.

That air card was also downward compatible for 1X speeds. Did happen a couple of times crossing some remote parts of the west. There are counties with less than two people per square mile. Verizon cannot justify installing the latest technologies in those mostly unpopulated places.

Searching around and checking with other traveling friends and acquaintances, I found I had missed a great deal. Millenicom provides a 3G/4G hotspot (air card) with usage of 20GB per month at $69.99.

Compare that to the $80 a month at Verizon for 10GB.

Bottom line. It was a no brainer. I didn't bother to wait out the end of my contract. For $80 I was out of the contract at Verizon.

Since Millenicom uses the Verizon network, the speeds and accessibility has not changed. Visibly there is nothing different on my internet accessing gadgets.

Always curious about business models. How come Millenicom can resell Verizon bandwidth cheaper. Or how come Verizon doesn't have an option to compete. More curious is the hot spot card. The brand on the device says Verizon. When the unit powers up, it says Verizon. Just don't call Verizon. Call Millenicom for support.

It was a good day. More GB for less $$.

Regarding all those gigabytes. When I had the 5GB plan I was always going over. So I went with the 10GB plan. It's rare that I had gotten close to that 10GB number. However, many times I just delayed some downloads until I had access to "free" high speed internet access.

Downloading podcasts, listening to Pandora, watching TED talks, and more does manage to consume the gigabytes. Include a couple of Apple software updates at a gigabyte each. Doesn't take long to get over 5GB. I also have life time maps for the Garmin Road navigator. Those updates are closer to two gigabytes.


  1. Well that says it all...I have a new plan. Thanks for your insight!

  2. We have Millenicom and think it's fantastic!!! Love your header photo!

    1. Just after I changed the header photo from the surf to a photo of a hawk there was your comment about the header (about the surf). Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Also no contract ( monthly) and no taxes on that $69.99 because they're based in Oregon. I've been with Millenicom for over two years, recently upgraded to the same 4G plan, and no complaints. As you wrote, it's a true no-brainer. Especially for those of us who enjoy podcasts, audiobooks, plus occasional movies and other videos.

  4. I have a Verizon unlimited data plan, and will probably have to stay with that as long as it is offered. I have an Android 3-G phone. I was in the Verizon store yesterday and saw a larger 4-G Android phone and loved it. I was even willing to pay for it. I was told that I would lose my unlimited plan if I changed phones. So... I'll probably have this phone until I die.

    If they ever change my unlimited status, you can bet I'll move to a new company.

  5. It is on our to do for when we get back to are right a no brainer....


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