Friday, January 4, 2013

Fall of Roman Empire

Shortly after my recent post suggesting resolutions for members of the legislative bodies, I found this article describing parallels between the US and the Roman Empire.

In that same resolutions post, I was glad we heard there would be no more news stories including the words "fiscal cliff". I wondered what would be the next tag line for the news. Today the new tag was noted a couple of times on the internet (don't have a TV). The new subject is "debt ceiling".

Based upon the historical record of the Senate and House, any laws to address the issue will go to the last couple of minutes. Likely the next day. 

If these guys were your employees, you would fire the lot of them for not getting the job done and working as a team. 

Since we appear headed down the same path as the Roman Empire, I'm going for a hike.



  1. But these guys ARE our employees...the whole bunch of them. And every few years we get the chance to fire some of them. Doesn't seem like that's really working though.

  2. Mark, The situation does have some semblance to Nero's time.

    Dawn, when I wrote the line, I had riffed on about them being our employees. Deleted the obvious and posted the entry.


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