Thursday, January 31, 2013

Must Be Spring

Been hearing the cardinal every morning in the wash serenading an unseen female.

The mourning doves are courting -- and mating -- atop the power standard next to my RV. Have they no shame. Better check that they aren't building a nest in the hitch of the fifth wheel. Has happened before.

When walking the desert, been hearing the songs of the cactus wren, the gila woodpecker and the curve-billed thrasher. Appears all are in the mood for starting a family.

This hummingbird didn't waste any time starting a family.

She made the nest in the eucalyptus on the lot line. She laid two eggs. Appears she is quite comfortable with all the photo taking. (Not just mine.) The nest is about two feet from the window of the RV next door. Through the window, the two eggs are visible when the hummingbird isn't on the nest.

Temperatures don't seem to affect the birds laying and hatching eggs. The cool (cold) weather has kept me inside more than I like. It has been a struggle to wear shorts every day. Most days it is noon before reaching 50 degrees -- comfortable shorts temperature.

No complaints. All is right with the world. And it's spring time for birds.


  1. My hummers are starting their mating flights. I've put out a bag of dryer lint for their nests.

    Signs of spring everywhere and help the last of winter go quickly.

  2. Am mating Hummers in Benson :(


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