Thursday, January 24, 2013

Climbing Trees

How come it's mostly young boys -- and some girls -- who climb trees.

Might be good exercise for this aging body. Finding a climbable tree in Tucson might be a challenge.

Photo taken years ago in southwestern Colorado.


  1. I gave up tree climbing in my early teens and started rock climbing.

  2. When I and my 3 siblings were kids we spent hours out in the woods climbing trees. I remember being high in very larger trees, though I suppose they might have been smaller than I remember. To this day I am always looking for a good climbing tree, though I have never actually climbed any of them. Sort of worried I"ll get stuck now that I'm over 50...still...I look for them.

  3. Used to climb trees.... now climbing stairs is quite a feat!

  4. I loved climbing trees and catching frogs as a girl...much to my mother's dismay. Now I climb rock piles while trying not to drop my camera and catch the critters with my lens instead!


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