Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm With Scrooge

It is that time of year when XM radio decides that its listeners have been waiting all year so they can listen to Christmas themed music 24 hours a day. It may not be on all channels, but the Classical Pops is one of those that started yesterday. Why couldn't they mix it up. An occasional Christmas themed selection throughout the programming day would be great. 24 hours a day is too much. The good thing is that I can enjoy quiet. Turn off the noise.

A couple of days ago, Home Depot was the destination for wood slats for a project at Wandrin Wagon. Like every other retail store during November and December there is a whole section of Christmas decorations. Not only is there a large section of this stuff, the holiday decorations are throughout the store with what appeared to be directions how you can buy the materials to make the tacky kitchy item at home.

Who buys all that Christmas decoration stuff. Where do they store it. The answer: those storage units that are being built everywhere.

The only place during the Christmas season where I must shop is the grocery store. My stress level begins at the front door with the bell ringer. Inside the Christmas decorations abound. Of course over the PA system, some low budget Christmas music is broadcast and interrupted by "clean up on aisle 9".

Time to stop before I start off on a tirade about the 150 million people who shopped over the Thanksgiving weekend. All I can say is that some of those people vote. It's scarey.

Counting the days until this is over. Bah. Humbug.

And while I am on a rant. The very rare occasion to go inside a bank is to deposit a check or purchase dollar coins. The latest visit found a TV on the wall behind the teller windows. No doubt this is something the customers have been begging for. The CNN news was muted with the scrolled words for the hearing impaired. Looked around. There wasn't a single person in the bank looking at the TV. That included the three in line with me. One had ear buds and was concentrating on a cell phone.


  1. Love this post. Thanks for being a ratinal thinker at a time when it is almost obsolete.

  2. I'm with you and Scrooge on this one. Makes you wonder how different we must be, living a simpler life with few possessions, from those who are compelled to box up their stuff and put it in another big box (storage unit). I just don't get it....

  3. Lloyd, try XM 76 or 74. It may not be like Pops but maybe it will be a good substitute until Dec. 26. Also, send them an email about it. They really do listen to their customer messages.

  4. Gumo, Yes. I listen to those along with other streams. The comment about turning it off was more for effect than reality.

  5. Great post, here the Christmas music started on Thanksgiving. Isn't it wonderful to have your own CD's to listen too.

  6. Re: TV's in public places: Same thing now with McDonalds- they all seem to have nice flat screens, but they are also almost always tuned into Fox news---- or Faux News, some would say... and as you observed, very few seem to be looking... Keeps money in circulation, I guess
    Jim Bob in St Augustine


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