Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rainy Weather

Long pants and an umbrella was the attire for yesterday. The weather service reported over an inch of rain. Not bad considering the average yearly rainfall for Yuma is about three inches.

Much of that green in the grocers' produce aisle comes from California's Imperial Valley and the area around Yuma. Colorado River water makes it all possible. And an occasional heavy rain.


  1. Ironically wouldn't the food-production industries -- notice I didn't say 'farmers' -- be unhappy to see slow, soaking rains in the Yuma fields: it would interfere with harvesting the hydroponic lettuce. Mud -- icky!

    In fact, they would have an easier time conforming to their food-factory schedules and their contracts with big grocery chains if Yuma got zero inches per year of rain.

  2. As a former Yuma resident, I can confirm that the Yuma agriculture industry would prefer no rain. They control the moisture better through irrigation. Rainfall just makes the harvest harder.

    What a beautiful picture. I miss the winters there, but not the summers.

  3. The rain may have delayed the harvest by a half day. Time to harvest. Now. It is all about agri-business. Before the fog had lifted the next morning, the rubber booted harvesters were slogging through the mud.


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