Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adapting To Cold

The low last evening was 28 degrees. Fortunately, it is warmer inside Wandrin Wagon where I sleep. No plans to test my survival skills as long as I can afford propane.

That overnight low was the coldest over these past days. Most nights, the low temp was in the mid thirties. Cold enough. The daily highs are a comfortable low to mid sixties.

Recent local temperatures have been about ten degrees colder than average. However, since I am living in actual temperatures rather than historic averages, I have resorted to wearing long pants. Not all the time, but that is the start to most days. However, before heading out on a daily explore, a clothing change is made to shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. Wandrin Lloyd has an image to maintain.

A positive is required to deal with this cold weather. In less than two weeks, Wandrin Lloyd will be in Tucson for a three month stay. With Tucson's slightly colder temperatures, these recent temperatures are allowing my adaptation to the colder temperatures. Maybe.


  1. Are you sure you're in California...Sounds like the temps here in Texas...Had to take the ice out of the bird bath today...
    Aren't you spending Christmas with Vanita and Gabe???????

  2. Too bad you are such a die-hard freethinker. You can't appreciate the imagery of the Wandrin' One, wearing real pants for a change, in the frozen desert.

    In an earlier millennium a story of hardship like this would have inspired the religiously-minded, just as St. Anthony (or whoever it was) who sat on a pole in the desert for 30 years.

    But remember, a guy has to be dead first, before the process of canonization can start.

  3. same in you are not missing much here temperature wise that is :)Jil


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