Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Three Month Stay

Arrived at Justin's Diamond J RV Park yesterday. No time was wasted this morning as I headed out for a hike in the desert immediately behind the RV park. Great that there is lots of hiking without a drive. Going to love this. At least I think I will.

This stay is a test of hitch itch since I plan to stay here for three months. Those three months will be the longest I have stayed at any one place in the past ten years. Wondering if Wandrin Lloyd can handle that.


  1. Hey Lloyd,

    I'm sure you will ;)!
    Thank you for your email by the way!
    We're enjoying your blog everyday!
    Merry Christmas to you!

    Sincerely yours,
    Domi & Zainab

  2. Now that you are settling down some, a couple months in the San Juans might be nice too! :))
    over a foot of snow with the last storm.
    merry christmas, Wandrin lloyd.

  3. I will curious what you think about the park....have a great holiday...Jil

  4. hmmm... Heidi does the gem show at the end of January/first of February...

    We've stayed at Justin's before... last year, I stayed out on the desert at Bouse... thinking I may come along again this year... so I am closer to some better Riding... That Raider needs to stay in shape too! ;)

    Justin's was a pretty good spot the last time... ;)


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