Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Stockings

Already past the stage of believing in Santa at the age of nine or ten, I decided to check out the stocking tradition. Without a fireplace, the next best place to hang the stockings was on the 18 inch high box upon which the Christmas tree stood. Not sure what I expected to appear in the stockings. Perhaps some candy or perhaps a small trinket of some sort.

On Christmas morning, upon coming down stairs, I checked the stockings from a distance to see they didn't have anything in them. Wondering out loud to Mom why there wasn't anything in them, she said we should look closely. So I did. There was a lump at the toe of the sock. A positive outlook wondered if the lump might be some coins. Took the sock and reached far into the toe and pulled out -- a peanut.

That was a disappointment. Guess Mom must have seen our long faces. With a big grin, she allowed that a peanut was better than a lump of coal. Mom was always right. She also had a good sense of humor.


  1. I'll never forget the one Christmas eve, when my Dad had a broken leg. He was such a funny man, always pulling some kind of prank. He called me aside and said it was up to me to put a little scare in my twin brothers. He said go and make a racket out side or some thing. So, I too had a little devil in me and decided to use the chains Dad had hanging in the shed. I could see my brothers playing on the bedroom floor. So, I took the chains and planned to rattle them on the windows, but, I guess I had added too much power and chains landed inside the house. Broken storm and window. Believe me, my brothers weren't the only one scared that night.LOL Merry Christmas, Lloyd. Mary B.

  2. Poor little Lloyd. Love the card. Happy Holidays to you.


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