Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fattening Foods

Over two years ago, I eliminated grains and grain products from my diet. My way of eating since then has been meats (all kinds), lots of vegetables, a  yogurt/blueberry shake for breakfast and occasional fruits for dessert. Sometimes a piece of dark chocolate.

Rather than following the guidelines of the USDA Food Pyramid or USDA Food Plate, Mark's Daily Apple provides this food pyramid for my way of eating. Note the absence of grain products.

When I initially eliminated grains and grain products from my diet, I weighed 155-160 pounds. Over two years later, I weigh about 142 with little fluctuation.

That loss of weight is in spite of the fact that I eat the "taboo" foods. My meals include butter, bacon, fatty meats and other fats that I am told I shouldn't be eating.

Over two years ago I upped the intake of fatty foods and cut out the grains. And I lose weight. As Arte Johnson would say, "Verrrry interesting".

So what are the fattening foods. That question came to mind a couple of days ago when I recalled having a corporate dinner (decades ago) with work mates from Europe. There was corn (on the cob) on the menu of the restaurant. My dinner mates were appalled that we would eat animal food. Isn't corn fed to animals to fatten them for slaughter. They were right.

From another conversation of decades ago, a long time friend was adamant about eating a no/low fat diet. The friend said that vegetarians don't get fat. The friendship was important so I let that statement pass without comment. The response I would have made if I didn't value the friendship was that it was a vegetarian diet -- grains -- that fattened cattle.

So with the success at maintaining a weight I hadn't seen since college, I continue to eat fattening foods -- and no grains.

Note: When I consumed the grain products, it caused serious -- almost constant -- indigestion and heart burn. As a result I consumed antacids after most every meal. I do not take statin drugs, but over that same two year period, LDL cholesterol dropped by 80 points.

This is not science. This is anecdotal experience.

I rarely eat out for fear what may be lurking in the tasty sounding choices. Salads, bacon and eggs or naked hamburgers are my choice when dining out. On those very rare occasions when I decided to check out something that was grain based, I regretted the decision. Within 24 hours I had heart burn which lingered for about 18 hours before my body's defenses cleaned up the mess.


  1. Interesting that your cholesterol dropped. So much for meats causing high cholesterol.

    1. My experience is not unique; grains caused high readings for LDL in others as well.

  2. Thanks for the information and the link to Mark's Daily Apple. It looks like I have a lot of new information to read and study.

    1. Try the paleo way of eating for 30 days. It's not the rest of your life.

      Life is different when not relying on pasta and breads for meals. Vegetables and salads require more preparation time.

  3. I've been reading MDA for a few years now, and really enjoy the success stories (and there are lots of them) Tried going Paleo a few times now, and have had major problems getting past the bread cravings....and advice?

  4. My success story after three months on Paleo is on MDA.

    PAIN (from indigestion, heart burn and acid reflux) is the incentive to not eat grain products.

  5. Your good results also depend on portion control. We know a couple who is trying your diet and they haven't lost an ounce. In fact, I think they gained weight. Oh, and they drink alcohol too.

    1. I'm guessing that instead of the occasional cheat, they are doing it a lot.

      Alcohol can be a problem, but I still have my daily Crown Royal or brandy -- for medicinal purposes only.


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