Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lesson Learned

Sex, religion, and politics should not be discussed with new acquaintances. I didn't violate that rule. However, there is another subject which has a deep rooted belief system.

On a hike this morning, a gal (a nurse) behind me had said to those in her immediate vicinity that red meats and saturated fat foods cause elevated cholesterol.

I should have said that that wasn't my experience. That should have been the end of my comments. But NO.

I related that I had dropped grains from my diet and upped saturated fats. The result was that cholesterol was reduced by over 80 points. It was obvious she wasn't buying any of it. It violated her belief system regarding saturated fats.

The conversation died a natural death and I moved to the rear of the hiking group.

Unless asked, I no longer will talk about my way of eating and my health. Too controversial.

The lesson was learned.


  1. Seems like any comment that someone makes, especially the dreaded "don't you think so," that I am not willing to validate becomes a war I did not start. I have not found an acceptable response that the commenter does not get upset about. Keeping my mouth totally shut seems to be the least undesirable event and that doesn't really work either.

  2. Nothing wrong with stirring the pot, Lloyd! Maybe someone else in your group learned from your comments and benefitted from it.

  3. Yes, Lloyd, you are such a controversial person. A true rabble rouser. Soon you'll be banned from polite society. LOL

  4. When it comes to opinions about "nutrition", you might as well categorize it the same as a discussion about religion. Just think about it. If you convince yourself to give up some of life's greatest pleasures (butter, bacon, wine, natural grass fed beef, wild caught fish, etc.), then the only way to do it without killing yourself is to approach the decision as a true zealot. The self-rightousness helps people survive the day as they choke down their rice cakes and diabetes-inducing processed gluten free pretzels. :-)

  5. It's your life. Feel free to speak up, whenever you desire! Blessings...

  6. I have started to speak-up whenever the conversation turns to blaming the type 2 diabetics for their condition. The latest research says it genetic and most people are asymptomatic (i.e. high fasting blood sugars) when younger. Some of the worst offenders of perpetuating the myth, we did it to ourselves, are in the medical professions.

    In my opinion keep talking! You never know when what you said may help someone.

  7. As you know I've had my food woes as well. When people can't find a "reason" for my issues they get very upset (medicine knows all, doesn't it?) I shrug and say every dietary plan doesn't work for every individual and every body doesn't behave as it should. There's no reason for my issues, but there they are so I do what I can to feel better. Doctors don't know everything, and fiber isn't the answer to all digestive woes. Don't get me started on dairy. I've spent the last two decades dreaming of the day I'm old and my bones don't break so I can say I told you so. ;)


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