Friday, July 18, 2014

Missing a Home on Wheels

There is a downside when traveling without a home on wheels.

When planning to be away from my Tucson home for three months, determining what to take seemed simple enough. Clothes and other daily used personal items was easy. Rather than taking the entire wardrobe of Hawaiian shirts, I took ten. There will be a laundromat nearby.

I packed a couple of preferred cooking utensils that I was sure would not be at the furnished park model. I brought a serving bowl for my daily huge salad. Good decision.

Once I arrived at the park model, I did have to go shopping for food. As the first tenant of the unit, there wasn't a salt and pepper shaker. Actually, the shakers were there. They were empty. That was not an issue since I brought the spices (including salt and pepper) for my cooking and for seasoning salads.

For a couple of days, it seemed there was always another item that was missing. Drinking fine brandy out of a plastic tumbler was not going to work. Off to Goodwill to purchase a couple of rock glasses. It was senior day and some items were half off. Two rock glasses for a buck. I checked the rack for Hawaiian shirt. Nothing there at half price.

Another day it was a colander that I could have used. And again another day. So I bought a colander.

I never thought about bringing band aids. As I made salad one day. I managed to cut myself -- at the end of a finger. However, without protection that cut was soon bleeding again. I might have been able to get a band aid at the park office. But it was Sunday and the office was closed. So it was a trip to the grocery store to buy band aids.

I miss the old days of travel when my home was with me all the time. Everything was always with me -- even the infrequently used items. I have discovered there are a lot of those items.

At the rate I am purchasing items which I forgot to bring along, I may have a yard sale when I return to Tucson.

Photo of Wandrin Wagon and Silver Slug is at Colorado's Navajo State Park.


  1. Maybe a Rubbermaid bin to put all these things in for next years rental.

    1. That's what I was thinking too. We always called it camping gear.

    2. Got it! Instead of a garage sale, all this extra stuff will be placed in a bin for next years travels.

  2. When we camped for the first time this year there was a list of things we had to make of things to put in that never made their way back somehow, like tongs for turning the bacon. This fall I vow to make a list of the things I take out so they can make their way back in!

  3. I can see how all "the little things" would be forgotten. A new strategy is needed for the 'sometime travel'. The travel bin suggestion is a good one.

  4. Here's another idea we discovered, wheeled duffel bag/suit cases. We're not quite as spry as we use to be, these have been a real helpful moving things to and fro.


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