Friday, July 4, 2014


About a week ago, I paid five bucks to join the Prescott Hiking Club. With several hikes for varying physical levels throughout the week, the only remaining decision is to select a hike. Yesterday I joined the hike on the Grapevine Trail.

These Prescott hikers are fit. An 8.2 mile round trip and with elevation changes, eventually we were at a lookout point at 6400 feet elevation -- 1400 feet higher than the trail head. The round trip was done in four hours with a fifteen minute stop to enjoy the view at the high point. Yes. They are a fit group.

Fortunately, the return to the trail head was mostly downhill. That was a whole lot easier than the huffing and puffing I was doing on the uphill climb.

Upon my return home, I was looking forward to a dip in the hot spa at Orchard Ranch. That should have been my first stop after a shower. Sitting in a hot tub in 90 degree temps is not appealing. I decided I would wait for the sun to go down. Bad decision.

The clouds started to fill the skies.

Soon the pool area was locked to prevent a surprise lightening strike at some pool guest.

A light rain continued until sundown. I could have left the park to get better sundown photos, but I wanted to keep the recently washed car somewhat clean for another day.

This blog would have been written last evening, but I went to bed at nine and woke up at six this morning. Rested!


  1. Even though I am Canadian, I lived in USA as a child. Wishing you Happy Independence Day! Happy July 4th! Blessings, Lynn

  2. I would not have been able to enjoy the scenery or flowers at that pace. Of course Meanderthalls do not have covering distance as an objective normally. Happy Independence Day.

  3. great sunset photos Lloyd….


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