Monday, July 7, 2014

Dark Chocolate

No milk chocolate for this guy.

Once I discovered (decades ago) the flavor of dark chocolate there was no more milk chocolate. Searching for the best dark chocolate, that changed over the years. In the most recent past I preferred the Lindt 90% -- for those few times when I did purchase a chocolate bar.

That was before I found the Theo chocolate bar at Whole Foods this past winter.

My taste buds prefer the Theo chocolate bar since it doesn't have a bitter after taste -- compared to the Lindt 90%.

Dark chocolate is a great dessert. With little sugar, it is easy to stop after a single piece.

In addition to taste, my health is a primary consideration when choosing foods. Relying on internet sources (LOL), WebMD says dark chocolate is healthy.That's good enough for me to continue enjoying good dark chocolate.

Ingredients of the two chocolate bars as stated on the bar wrappers:

Lindt chocolate bar ingredients: Chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa powder processed with alkali, sugar, bourbon vanilla beans

Theo chocolate bar ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar, ground vanilla bean. All ingredients are organic and fair trade.


  1. Like you, I was perfectly happy with the Lindt until I made the mistake of buying Ghirardelli Intense Dark 86%. Now I can't go back.

  2. I like the dark chocolate too. But, don't indulge very often.

  3. Baker's unsweetened baking chocolate. The real deal stuff. 100% chocolate no added fat or sugar. 90% Lindt is definitely great as a treat though.

    1. Hmmm. That reminds me of my mother's baking with that chocolate and giving us kids a taste of the unsweetened chocolate. Worked for me. I would be the only one that asked for more. Mom was generous, but there was a limit. One taste only.

  4. I'll have to give Theo a try, I just tried Moonstruck and was not stricken. Not a fan of Lindt either, has a weird taste to me. I do like Chocolove and Green & Black sometimes. World Market's Dark with Sea Salt is scrumptious!


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