Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting Away From Prescott

I am hanging out at the Grand Canyon at the El Tovar to celebrate this year's birthday.

Since I managed to forget the USB SD chip reader, there is no way to get those hundreds of photos onto the computer. I could have just as well forgotten the computer as well. That is the story of my life -- as I travel without a home in tow -- I forget things when traveling away from home.

When I return to Prescott, I will share some of the photos.


  1. This is what I use for my picture transfers

    1. My camera has the ability to use Wi-Fi to transmit photos to the computer. However, I had never installed the software so I couldn't do that. This experience may be the incentive to install the software for that next time when I forget the reader.

  2. The last two times I tent camped I forgot my pillow of all things! I slept with a rolled up towel under my head instead.

  3. Happy birthday, Lloyd. I can't think of a better place to celebrate.

  4. Happy Birthday Lloyd, have a great time in the Grand Canyon.

  5. Lloyd, I wish you Happy Birthday! May God bless you, always. Lynn

  6. A great place to celebrate your birthday.

  7. Thanks for all the birthday wishes here and those that were sent via email.


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