Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Verizon Calling

Driving into Prescott, the cell phone rings. I struggle to get it out of the holster. Without looking at the number on the cell phone, I answer with a "hello". No answer. I knew right then I should hang up. I didn't. Once more I said "hello".

Cell Phone Voice: This is So-and-so from Verizon. Reviewing your account, I note that with our new calling plans we can save you money.

Yeah. Right. Verizon calls to save me money.

Me: This is not a good time as I like to concentrate on my driving.

Cell Phone Voice: This will only take a few minutes.

Me: I'm sorry. I'm driving. Good Bye. I hang up.

Later in the day the phone rings again. I note the number. It was that Verizon number again. I don't answer. That is when I assigned the "don't answer ring tone" to the phone number. Over the next couple of days, That Verizon robo dialer has called several times.

Why is Verizon calling. Because my two year contract has expired. Verizon wants me to buy a new phone.

I had this conversation with Verizon several months ago. I listened to the rep's spiel how I might save money and also get more minutes and more text messages. The rep knows that I barely get to 75% of my allowable minutes. Texts are almost a non usage. Data usage almost nil.

Well, I like saving money, so how do I get to save the money.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Those less expensive plans that offer more minutes and texts are available with a new contract and the purchase of the iPhone 5S for only $200.

Excuse me! I should spend $200 to purchase a new phone so I can get more minutes and text messaging -- which I won't use.

I responded that I was very happy with my current phone and my limited usage.

Soon the rep realizes there is no future in this conversation. Reading from the prompter screen in front of the rep, I am thanked for being a Verizon customer. Is there anything else Verizon can do for you today.

I wish I was quick enough to respond, "Please stop calling me."


  1. are you a Veteran? did you know if you show them your DD214 you can get a discount?

  2. Yep, I have had the same experience with Verizon. It has been so many years with my old phone, I think they have given up on me.... Who knows, I may just die using this ole phone!!


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