Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Wondering

 ....about cell phones.... and the people that use them.

Sitting at a Starbucks recently and noted two ladies sitting at a table across from each. Not so unusual, but both were on cell phones. Not sure how long, but when I looked up again from my iPad, one was waiting for the other to ditch her cell phone. Assuming they came to chat with each other, why the cell phone conversations.

That sighting reminded me of my travels in Australia in 1998. I was seated at a cafe table at an outdoor bar. At a distant cafe table were two ladies with a champagne bottle on the table. The champagne had been poured and they were tipping the flutes. Then I noted one on a cell phone. Then the other was on a cell phone....  If the event could justify a bottle of champagne, why the cell phone interruption.

On a hillside of switch backs, a lady on the trail above me was waving her arms and talking very loud. Couldn't make out the conversation. Was it Tourettes. Nope. As I we rounded the switch back, I noted she had a BlueTooth gizmo attached to her ear.  Hands free talking is Tourettes.... My assumption: they are on a phone even when not on a hike.

Another time I had gone into a public restroom standing at a urinal when some one in a stall said "Yes". Was that directed at me. Decided that I would not respond. Finishing up and as I headed out, I heard the voice continue, "14 inch pepperoni to go. Extra cheese. I'll be there for pickup in about ten minutes...." Still wondering about that one.

My cell phone.... When I am not there or occupied, the cell phone is an answering machine.


  1. People's attachment to their cell phones is baffling, to me, also. I admit I get really irked if I am somewhere and someone is babbling away on their cell phone. Hell, I can't stand the land line, I sure as heck don't want to be bothered by phone calls when I am out. I just don't get it. Hopefully, I never will.

  2. I agree & Thanks for the laugh!

  3. I also agree! And I believe my cell phone is for MY convenience, if I'm sitting right next to it and don't feel like answering, I don't. It does makes a nice answering machine. When I'm meeting someone, I leave the phone in the car. To do otherwise seems rude to me. But younger people weren't raised that way, and their phones are an appendage that they can't do without.

  4. AGREED, it is just an answering machine, sometimes even if I am there.

  5. How old-fashioned you are. Nobody TALKS on phones. They are for texting!

    I read somewhere that a recent poll has found that 10% of the population thinks it is socially acceptable to text while having sex. I am curious to see a demographic breakdown of that: male vs. female, young vs. old.

  6. Boonie,
    Googled "texting while having sex" and found that indeed 10% of those under 25 found that acceptable. Betting that 10% have never....

  7. I hate texting! If it is worth communicating, it is typically worthy of a phone call!

    My 22 yo son went out with a young lady recently who he thought he really liked. She sent text messages all through dinner, then wondered why he didn't ask her out again!! ????

    As far as texting during sex... I don't think I am that coordinated! :-)

    Just found your blog... looking forward to reading through it.

    Kerri in AL :-)

  8. I carry a cell and will answer it if I recognize the ring in time. Too often it is lost in ambient noise. Texting is next maybe but I ask myself 'why'? Talking is so much easier; of course the other person has to pay attention to you. Maybe that's it, it's less personal.

    Loved all the comments about texting while having sex!


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