Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Wondering

Election is distant memory.... Trying to recall the election several months back. Seem to recall that the major concern of voters was the depressed economy, the high unemployment, and the national debt. So to address those major issues of the voting public, the first thing on the agenda for Congress is to repeal the health care legislation of the last congress. Huh.

Wish I could find the quote, but heard in passing a Congressional legislator saying that they want to represent the American voting public. To do that 10% would be without jobs, 10% would be without health insurance, 50% would be women, etc... You get the point.

Silver Slug is back....
on the road after a day at the clinic getting a diesel leak fixed that was causing noxious fumes to fill the cab. That was $600 and then it was the $3.49 per gallon diesel. Checked last year's expenses related to Silver Slug. Almost exactly $10,000. That is almost a third of my expenses for 2010. Settling in an urban world without a car sounds attractive. Walking and public transportation.... Hmmm.

A rhino virus (cold)....
attacked this body about three days ago. Head hurts, hacking cough and runny nose continues. This and the recent Palm Springs cold spell has kept me out of Starbucks. That is a good thing. Perhaps that is where I managed to acquire that cold.... Hmmm.

Otherwise, everything is great. This morning is a good day for a walk with predicted high 60s for the day.


  1. Does the $10000 figure include depreciation?

    Walking for transportation is one of the most under-rated satisfactions in this old world of ours. It's better than mere recreation. But it's hard to find a good living situation that lends itself to non-motorized transportation, unless you move to the Netherlands or Copenhagen. (And I don't think you'd like the climate there!)

  2. Lovely Ouray can be walked easily enough... you don't have to go Urban Gorilla on us. Six months here and six months on the road or in arizona. We will soon have a studio apartment you can rent for 350/mo... cheaper than an RV park!!!
    Don't you think a big city would lose it's luster after a while? We have coffee shops and Wi-fi... and two bakeries!
    PS Bobbie and I both have colds too... get well.

  3. Boonie,
    Since this guy is on a cash basis with no tax benefits for depreciation, the purchase price for Silver Slug was expensed the day of purchase.

    Re: Walking.... Strenuous agreement. Not sure where I could find that "ideal" walking world. May have to make some compromises.

    So true about Ouray. It is a walkable town.... $350 a month. Hmmm. Let's hold that thought.

    Congested urban environment... Don't know. If I don't like it, just move to the next town down the road. Kind of like the way I live now; don't like the neighborhood it is time to move. :)

  4. I'm sure you realize that pining over the "Ideal" living situation simply becomes the enabler of procrastination.

    And what is so ideal about geographical fickleness, scenery exaggeration, and escapism?

    (Why do I think this is a little more advice than you really wanted?)

  5. I look out my door at my 6 types of transportaion in order of their use= running shoes- trek bike- scooter-motorcycle- car- rv- (the last 2 are extreme emergencies only! Walden Creek RV

  6. papa,
    That would be too many options. :( For me it's walk or Silver Slug....And you win; your carbon foot print is bigger than mine. :)


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