Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Balance Is Out

Caveat (Latin for "let him beware"): This post is nothing more than sharing what keeps me awake at night. And it isn't coffee since I don't drink the stuff. If you would rather not read the details you can head to something more interesting to read.

"Enjoying Life Is A Matter of Balance..."

That was the line at the top of my web site and blog. My email tagline was "Keep the balance". That goes back much farther. Fifteen years. Additionally, that tag line has been on my fun card for ten years as I have pursued a nomadic wandering life style.

The tagline may have been original when I started its use fifteen years ago. However, recently far too often I have been hearing and reading the variations of the phrase "... trying to achieve balance...". It seems to become trite in its frequent usage. Perhaps some of those who use the line could use more creative speech writers.

Add to that "balanced budget", "balance family and work", "finding balance in..." that can be found in the daily headlines or is a lead article in a magazine.

When I look at the tag line, "Keep The Balance...", it seems like a command. Probably not politically correct to tell people what to do.

Since the tag line is so much a part of me, it trips off my tongue quite easily. Many years ago on a hiking trail, I stopped to chat with a bike rider. After a short chat, he headed down the trail. Instead of wishing the rider a "good bye", that "Keep The Balance" just came out of my mouth. Not sure if the guy heard me, but it sure does sound sarcastic when said to a bike rider. Let's hope he took it as humor -- if he did hear it.

Balance can be a lot of things to different people -- emotional, spiritual or just living life. Physical balance is also important. Perhaps some may think that I live a balanced life. That may be true, but I'm not too good on physical balance. An inner ear problem is a minor annoyance which causes infrequent unsteadiness. At this point you are allowed to smile at the ironic humor that I am out of balance -- physically. That for a guy who has been talking balance for a long time -- and encouraging others to "keep the balance."

The tagline has outlived its usefulness. It is time for a new tag line for Wandrin Lloyd.

I have been considering alternatives to the "balance" tag for several weeks. When I had recently  exchanged fun cards with an RVer, the guy -- after noting "Keep The Balance" -- wondered if I was selling some balance gizmo at the flea markets. That comment became a serious incentive to make a change to the tag line. Although keeping balance remains a personal life philosophy, it doesn't describe Wandrin Lloyd.

Some of my first stabs at alternatives were philosophical. "Life Is A Journey" and variations. "First Day of The Rest of Life". "Today Is Living". There were lots more. At some point I decided that my philosophy of living "in the moment" is a given.

It is time for my tag line to describe Wandrin Lloyd. For many years, I have described myself as a nomadic explorer. Soon I was considering variations on that theme. "On A Nomad's Journey". "A Nomad's Journey". "A Nomadic Journey". "Nomadic Exploring". "Wandrin Nomad". Any would have probably worked and explained Wandrin Lloyd.

Without input from others or holding a contest to select one, I came to the decision that my favorite was "On A Nomadic Journey". On further sleepless nights (got to be kidding), I pondered the actual incorporation as a tag line or across the banner photo of my blog.

Why add any words to the single misspelled word for "wandering". "Wandrin" already describes my life. No more words are needed. After many solo hikes, further thoughts at my personal social hour and more sleepless nights, a decision has been reached.

Balance is out and "Wandrin" is in. With no additional words.

Just Wandrin... Lloyd


  1. I love it, Lloyd. The mispelling is intentionally quirky and I especially love that. After all, best never to take life too seriously.
    I just want to add that one doesn't have to have a RV or be mobile to be a wandrin spirit.

  2. You didn't explain why you need a tagline at all.

  3. I'd been wondrin how this would play out. :)

  4. That something like a "Tagline" is what keeps you up at night is proof enough to me that your's is the near perfect lifestyle.

    You wouldn't believe what has me tossing and turning.
    Trade ya!!!
    keep up the Wandrin'

  5. Had to laugh; here you are introducing your new tagline and the label is 'Balance'. Do we get a new label or am I confused. Like Box Canyon said, sounds like a tough life. You must have been really good in a previous life.

  6. So this is what keeps you up at night! I would laugh, but I can relate too well.

    Just Roaming . . . . Barbara

  7. I like it! Simple and expressive.

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    Why a tagline... Goes back to proper letter writing practice. Habits are hard to change. The tagline was in liew of the more formal: "best regards", "sincerely". etal.

    In the interests of brevity for this post, thoughts were left out for a future post. The additional thoughts have to do with Wandrin and Wondrin (Joe/Tracey were onto me) and a settled existence.


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