Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cemetery Statue

In my nomadic travels, I check out local cemeteries. When in the Black Hills of South Dakota, I stopped at the Hill City cemetery. Finding the contemplative seated figure marking a grave was most unusual.

The statue marked the grave of a man who died in his 30s. There was no indication for a reason for the statue.

No doubt there is a story behind the statue. Could it have been a request of the deceased. Was it a commentary by the deceased's survivors. Was the guy a sculptor. Is there a philosophical message. Perhaps the statue awaits the resurrection. Or is it Rodin's The Thinker and nothing more.

Any other thoughts from creative readers why a statue keeps watch at the grave site.


  1. I love walking through cemeteries also. Amazing what you can see in the old ones. He likes like a thinker.

  2. Maybe he is pondering the mysteries of life...and death

  3. Perhaps he was of a philosophical bent. He wasn't poor for sure! When did he die?

    1. That cemetery visit was in 2007. Sorry. I really don't remember for sure, but I believe in was in the 1970s.


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