Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Change Or Continue On

Arrived in the south earlier than my original long range plans. Arrived at Benson and temps are hovering around 90 degrees. Had expected temps in the 80s. Predictions are for 80s next week.

Wondering why this early arrival. It's a long story. Really not a very good reason.

I enjoy my nomadic wandering. It's fun. It continues to be fun. Sometimes. However, sometimes the "pot holes" in the road of life have seriously slowed me down.

Some of those set backs have been the amount of money that I have spent on Silver Slug this past summer. You don't want to know how much. I don't want to know. 250K miles and twelve years old. It is rather expected.

Then Wandrin Wagon needed a fix to the suspension and needed new batteries. Another big cash outlay.

The cash outlay this past summer has been damaging to the investments. Okay. So who am I saving it for. I earned it. May as well spend it.

As each maintenance issue was resolved, I had hoped that was the end for a while. Wasn't to be. Again and again there was another issue that needed to be addressed. The latest is new tires for Silver Slug. Will this never end.

In a rational and intellectual conversation with myself, I realize that living on the road is still a whole lot less expensive than living in some apartment condo. Of course there is the issue of living in a cave; windows and door to the outside at one end only. That apartment would not be near the fun of living in a moveable home with changing scenery. Even if the scenery is a campground.

The cash outlays was not a good reason to end up in Benson as early as I did. Unfortunately, I reacted emotionally rather than intellectually. With continuing maintenance issues to deal with, my focus and curiosity was diverted from the happiness I get from nomadic living and satisfying my curiosity.

As I mostly drove with a few stops to explore along the way, I had plenty of time to think about "what if". At what point do the costs outweigh the continuation of pouring more money into living on the road.

And as those thoughts ran rampant through my brain, I thought of alternatives to the truck and fifth wheel combination.

It appears I am not the only one with thoughts of changes to mobile living. Boonie is on the search for the perfect van/trailer combination. Mark has made his decision and bought an experienced LazyDaze. Glenn is hinting at changes to his home on wheels to make travel life less stressful. Cowboy Brian is searching for the ideal remote location to call home when not wandering the west.

For me, the leading contender of the options was selling the truck and trailer and settling down in sticks and bricks. Yeah. The cave. Summer travel would be in a Super B sized vehicle. Could I really live in something like that for three to four months. The Super B (or Class C) would allow me more spontaneity when traveling. Traveling with trailer in tow, it is difficult finding a place to pull over to capture that perfect photo -- or on the ground exploring.

What to do.

After a six week stay at Benson, I will be parked in Tucson for the rest of the winter. That should give me plenty of opportunity to consider options for living life. Then there is that fall back option -- make no change. I like that option.

Life is good. Actually, life is great.

The photo was taken at an RV park in Albuquerque. The 1950 Hudson with a 1954 trailer is available for renting for a retro camping experience. Didn't stay at the park. Sandia Casino was my base while exploring.


  1. Are you sure that being on the road saves money?

    The apartment doesn't have to be in downtown Denver, Manhattan, or San Francisco. Furthermore, you could get by on a Toyota Corolla instead of a brontosaurus sized pickup truck. Or walk to the library or coffee shop.

    Don't quite a few people at Escapee parks keep a small Class C in storage there and go out for month long trips now and then?

  2. Lloyd,
    I really appreciated your honesty in this post.
    I sometimes write about how the "price" one pays for being a full time RV'er... and I'm not just talking about the money part. However, that's one of most disconcerting of worries as there is a finite amount of the green stuff, and we don't have a crystal ball to tell us how long we will be around.

    Although I went into a part timer RV mode kicking and screaming, It does, as you often say, add some "balance" to our lives. I think the key is finding THE, or A FEW, places that feel like home... a place(s) where, as Boonie said, you are within walking distance to coffee shops and a library, conversation, interaction... on your schedule and to the amount needed. "Home" is where there are familiar faces and people that wonder about what you are doing, where you have been, where you are going next... and they care about you on maybe a deeper level.

    For it to work, tho, "Home" has to be the right choice, the right spot... and that means it will be seasonal because it's either too hot in the summer, or too cold in the winter to stay over. But that's ok, you if you downsize to a class C or B and you can pick up and go on a whim.

    Lovely Ouray fills the need for a "hearth," the need to land somewhere and spread out... to take a breather... to indulge the familiar, which builds anticipation for the next journey... at least for us, anyway. that's the stage I'm in right now... chomping at the bit to ride out of town in our new used rig.

    Summer's in Ouray are hard to beat... and you know we have a nice studio apartment available for you to rent anytime you want... a month, two... four... then you can head back out.
    Nice post,
    Box Canyon Mark

  3. Being on the road is probably not nessessarily cheaper, but i am sure it is funner :D I have a class C and I'm sticking to it! I also have a small country home which at times weighs on me. I'd really like to see if i can live in my RV full-time, which I will have a taste of this winter. Alaso heading to Tuscon after Christmas!

  4. Great post...something we think about constantly...but for now we are staying on the road...we haven't really found "the place" yet to settle back down...

    sorry we will miss you in Benson...we probably won't get back there until sometime in November...Jil

  5. Boonie, Your comments are all true; depends on where one wants to live. Seems I may have to expand on this post to cover the background thoughts.

    Mark, Yes. Ouray -- and the studio apartment -- would be a perfect place to hang out for the summer and early fall. I will include that in the options list that gets reordered daily.

    Sunny, Compared to my home where I lived in Denver and my life style, living on the road full time is definitely cheaper for me. Don't forget the answer to that often posed question: How much does it cost to RV full time. The answer is: How much money do you have. You will make do.

    Jil, If you don't get to Saguaro before I leave, looks like you will have to consider a trip to Tucson for a get together.

  6. Llyod...if I am not back before you have a date in Tucson...Jil


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