Friday, October 5, 2012

From The Drivers Seat

Been a while since last posted some sightings from the driver's seat.

Vanity Plates...

BONE FXR -- Probably an orthopedist

ECO TRIP -- On a Prius

CQRITY1 -- Secure in the car?

YIPYKYA  -- Probably on a Mustang, but I didn't take note

2 OL KIDS -- You know you are in Arizona with that plate.

HOOFWMN -- Woman farrier?

MUZEKL -- Why "musical" for a vanity plate?

OILSAVR -- Didn't note the car, but probably one of those electric versions.

BOOK CHK -- A librarian?

DRPUH -- Just what would a doctor of "poo" practice. Perhaps a proctologist.

OLDNSLO -- Another of those Arizona license plates.

Unusual named businesses….

WATERGATE LEGAL SHREDDING --  Spotted in Lake Havasu City

Franklin Phonetic School in Prescott Valley -- Alternate spellings Phranklin Phonetic or Franklin Fonetic. :-)


  1. One of the doctors where my nurse daughter works is a urologist. His plate says --- Cme2P.

  2. Prescott is a pretty neat area. And, motels do get old. Also, eating out nearly every meal gets older still - especially if you have a special diet or care what you eat. There are advantages to RV travel! (Maybe you could get a little teardrop to tow behind your convertible!

  3. Jaimie, Motel camping and eating out really would not work out for me. MIght work for a couple of days. A month? No way. Do enjoy my home -- and kitchen -- with me where ever I go.


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