Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not Ready To Settle

In An Option To Full Time RVing, the attractiveness of urban living in Prescott was the conclusion I came to after contemplating alternatives and listing positives and negatives of each option.

However, settling in Prescott is not what I really wanted. Here are the major options that I considered -- and still consider as I continue to RV full time.

Option 1… Continue full time travel. Get a Class C and a toad. Each time I've looked at a Class C, I've always reached the conclusion that with major remodeling a Class C might work. Wasted space for a TV and the microwave. The nook that seats four is useless. The full sized bed should be a twin. No need for the over the cab bed area. Make it a storage area. How about a Class C design to seat two and sleeps one.

With a Class C and a toad, there are now two engines to deal with. Since I am not a gear head and not too handy, that could be a problem.

My current twelve year old truck and nine year old trailer with a perfect floor plan could not be matched by a Class C combination.

Option 2… Stop the travel and settle down in an urban area where I can walk the neighborhoods. Sounds like the place I gave up in Denver eleven years ago. The Silver Slug and Wandrin Wagon would be sold. Get a small car to explore when needed. This was the option described in An Option To Full Time RVing.

Option 2.1…. As I considered that option, I was concerned about those times when I wanted to do some exploring or traveling. Motels and eating out is not something I relish. One of the possibilities was a Class B type unit as my only transportation instead of a car.  As big as the Silver Slug, parking would have the same issues. That Super B would provide transportation for local errands as well as extended travel.

Like the Class C, the floor plans and options are for couples -- or family. However, for a reasonable priced used unit, I could make it work. Perhaps even some remodeling. Sure beats motels and dining out. The Class B would also provide more spontaneous exploring due to parking accessibility. That smaller sized unit could also park in friends and relatives driveways to cut down on camping expense.

Option 2.2…. Depending on the price of that Class B, another option would be to rent a Cruise America unit that advertise that you are "seeing the country". Not sure what the final costs would be, but assume something about $4000 a month to rent one of the smaller units. Considering a two to three month nomadic exploring, that may be less expensive for the long term compared to the investment and maintenance of that owned Class B.

Option 3…. Continue the full time travel with Silver Slug and Wandrin Wagon, but do serious extended stays where ever parked. A minimum of two weeks is the factor with many state parks. Spending more for daily camping, I could select a campground close to a downtown area. Maybe not within walking distance, but certainly a convenient short drive with Silver Slug.

The Winning Option... After all those words and considerations, the winner is Option 3. Option 1 was never seriously considered since it really duplicates what I already have. Option 2 requires hunting for an apartment (to me it is a cave) that is located in an "acceptable" urban neighborhood. Additionally, there is some layout of cash to purchase the Class B.

So it came as no surprise that I justified the answer I wanted. With the existing truck and trailer, future full time RVing is long term camping and explore the area where I am parked.


  1. No need to justify your choice. The only one it needs to work for is you! Go where you want, stay as long as you want! It is your life and your home.

  2. I'm always looking for places to camp that are close to a town. I do not tow a car and prefer to bike or walk to do shopping. I have found a few towns in Texas that have free or really cheap buses that pick you up at the campground. My rig is built for one person, its a small C or a B+, a Winnebago Aspect 24'.

  3. Sometimes I have to go through that whole thought process on much smaller decisions, but it gives me better understanding of what direction I should take. Seems like it helped you make a decision just right for you.

  4. I was holding my breath on this one. I'm glad you decided on option 3. And after all the money you spent this summer, your rig should be good for awhile now.

  5. Option 3 is the only one that you would be happy in.....No man cave for you.....You are having a fantastic life experience; don't give it up.........

  6. Hi, Lloyd. There was no doubt in my mind that you would choose the "bird in hand" option. Oh, how you would miss that cozy trailer and the PERFECT freedom you now have. Save the apt for when you can no long hike, drive and appreciate the wide open spaces.

    Happy Trails,

    Chris Horst

  7. sounds like a working plan to me...Jil

  8. I have to agree with Chris. Not that my opinion means anything of course, I am not RVing though I hope to someday, but I think the man cave idea is somthing to hold in reserve down the line. I tend to take it a day at a time. Wishing you the very best, whatever your choices.

  9. Just read your post "Not Ready To Settle" and thought I would update you on my travels.

    I purchased a small park model in Prescott Valley in September as a "Home Base". Will spend seven months in Prescott Valley and go to Parker in the Winter (travel trailer)as long as I can continue to travel.

    Decided that the Phoenix area was too hot, too noisy, too smoggy, too many people for me to buy into. Yet, Prescott has all the stores that I like, Trader Joes, Costco, etc.

    Allan Moore


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