Monday, October 15, 2012

Cooler Days

Yup. Winter is in the wings waiting to chill the northern hemisphere of planet earth. A couple of  days ago, the high temperature was a windy 71 degrees. Makes for a cool day. Required me to wear a light jacket with my shorts and Hawaiian shirt.

Appears my body metabolism is storing up some fat for the cool weather ahead. Regardless of my hiking and my usual paleo diet, I noted that the shorts were a bit more snug. Could be I am not out hiking enough. However, I wonder if the body metabolism is responding to shorter day light hours and cooler nights. Could there be some evolutionary component to this body that causes it to store fat for the colder weather to come.

There are not a whole lot of food items on the paleo diet that are carbohydrate dense, but I do seem to be hitting the few sweets that I keep for desserts. Second helpings of a piece of chocolate or some dried fruit are the items that are kept for that occasion. Then there is mainlining the butter. Could be some of that contributes to snug shorts.

Since RVing Steve was exploring this part of Arizona, it was a good excuse to meet him at my favorite eating place in Sierra Vista -- The German Cafe. Good way for me to get some calories in preparation for winter. Steve winters at Justin's Diamond J RV park in Tucson where I stayed last winter. Steve will be there before I arrive on the eighth of November.

Before I head out for a hike this morning, it is time to make a plan for this evening's menu of calorie dense foods. Must plan for colder days ahead.


  1. This is an interesting question. I think you should post it to MDA.

  2. Helen, Went to MDA and catching up on the last week of reading. Check out the Oct. 11 post. Addresses the subject of weight gain in fall. Availability of calorie dense produce before winter is not a coincidence.

  3. excuse my ignorance but what is MDA? thanks Jil

  4. Jil, Sorry about using inside acronym for Marks Daily Apple -- a site for everything about primal living.


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