Friday, October 19, 2012

Hiking Desert Terrain

Middle of October and it is cooling down in the desert. Nights around 50 degrees. Day time highs just cross into the 80s for just a short time. This is my kind of weather.

That makes for perfect hiking. Start out in cool temperatures.

Desert terrain west of the SKP park is a perfect place to get a little walking exercise. Every other morning or oftener, a hike is required. The path varies. Rarely do I meet any one on the hikes since the RVing snowbirds haven't yet arrived in large numbers.

On a recent hike I left the park and hiked along a wash. With forks in the wash there are decisions to be made. On that mornings hike, I always took the left hand fork.

Monsoon rains sculpt the terrain creating gullies that are perfect paths for hikers -- and the ATVs.

It's a quiet hike. Sure there is the occasional train sounding its warning as it crosses the grade crossings in Benson -- a mile away. The whoosh whoosh sound of ravens passing over head is pure delight. Even more delightful was the morning when I stood in one of those sculpted washes and noted the owl in the juniper. Before I could get the camera out, the owl took flight. As I was relishing the memory, another owl -- which I hadn't seen -- also took flight from the tree. However, it flew in the opposite direction.

Soon the washes lead to the crests of the hills and the trail leads me back to the park.

The views from the crest of the hills are calming and relaxing. For whatever reason I feel more secure when I can see everything compared to walking in those very narrow washes. Those occasional trees in the wash may be harboring some critter ready to pounce on me. Hasn't happened yet, but I do let the imagination run free now and then.

Another great hike in the desert. Life is great.


  1. Sounds like a great hike. Very calming and comforting.

  2. Your two owls in the wash made me think of the old proverb "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" so I looked it up and found its meaning interesting. This proverb refers back to mediaeval falconry where a bird in the hand (the falcon) was a valuable asset and certainly worth more than two in the bush (the prey). Hope you have more hikes like this one!


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