Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fallen Arch

Scattered around the Saguaro SKP park are stone arches constructed by Gail and Mike. They have been building arches within the park for several years and their creations can be found on several lots. Creating the arches requires stone and time. Gail and Mike and occasional helpers scour the area quarries for rock as raw material for the arches.

Seems hard to believe that wind could topple these arches, but residents have watched it happen. A whirling dust devil creates lots of torque to upset the gravity that keeps the rock in place. That was the situation on the lot leased by Ellen and Cosmo. The arch collapsed during this past summer.

The rebuild of the arch was a social occasion as many of the residents of the park watched Gail and Mike rebuilding the fallen arch.

Creating a pile of rocks to support the arch is the first step. Follow that by placing the arch rocks over the supporting rocks.

The next step is to carefully remove the supporting rocks one by one.

With a correct arch span and properly placed keystone rocks, the arch is complete.

The arch is rebuilt and all hope the arch will survive future weather events.


  1. If we had more rocks here in West Texas, I think I would build one of those. Think caliche rocks would work? We do have dust devils, and lots of dust!

  2. Wow! That's pretty cool. Looks like a bunch of hard work though. Just collecting the rock would be pretty heavy lifting. Nice photos of the process though if I ever decide to get brave & make one. Thanks!


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