Monday, August 23, 2010

No More Balance -- Part Two

Achieving balance in life is a goal. Never attainable. It's like the seal balancing the ball. Got to keep moving to keep that ball in the air.

In the mid 1990s, I started using the tag line "Keep the Balance..." five years before retirement. Taking a leave of absence in 1998, it was eight weeks in Australia. The suspicion about the out of balance US work environment was confirmed. Aussies get four weeks vacation in the first year of employment.

For me, balance was about "work and play". When noted in the media and in resignation statements, it is usually "work and family". Another was hoping to achieve a "spiritual balance". No idea what that means.

The balance tag line should have been dropped when I retired and began to "play" full time.

With the assumption that I had achieved "balance", Boonie commented it was "time for a new challenge". Like "keeping the balance" was an unattainable goal, Wandrin Lloyd's new challenge will likewise be unattainable.

Daryl suggested "serenity". Might work. But the new tag line will have to imply action. And be unattainable. Certainly, serenity is unattainable.

And to Dee: Thanks for the offer to take the rock. I've had second thoughts about the purchase of the "Balance" rock. It was a good idea.

As I have mulled the new challenge, I have started to look at how "balance" may continue to fit within that future "challenge". Different words. More specific words. Lots of thoughts. With the many antonyms for balance and its usage, there will be a solution. And a new tag line. I hope. Is it possible to create a new tag line with "balance" or an antonym that doesn't sound like the old tag line.

Trying to maintain equilibrium...


  1. Lloyd:

    I can appreciate your desire to move on to another tag line. But here's a vote for balance. Work/play is one kind of balance, but there are others, such as moving around/staying put or being social/being solitary or thinking critically/letting the mind wander or, well, you get the picture. Balance can probably be applied to most aspects of life.

    I know that whenever I've come to your blog, which I would do no matter the tag line, I would always get a little reminder about keeping things in balance when I saw your heading. By the way, I'm out on the road after many months of living vicariously through your blog and those of a few other travelers. It's not fulltime, but it's a nice "balance" from my other, homebound, life.

    - Joe

  2. What's wrong with drifting in and out of "balance?"
    You keep moving... trying to keep the ball up there... so what if it falls off once in a while.
    I am just now coming to grips that I will never succeed at maintaining balance, I'll always be to one side or the other except when I briefly pass thru it's sweet spot on my way to the other side. Sort of like an eclipse, a rare and beautiful moment.
    I'm liking your philosophical side... BTW.

  3. For me the Balance is a state of mind, thats what I try on an even, work, other peoples problems will pull you off balance-- dealing with issues that are not your own issue brings me off balance, or out of my "resting" state of mind where I am happy and content...but if Im off balance Im NOT in a good state of mind.
    Many people tell me regularily Im WAY out of balance. Oh well my Sign is Libra, the scales of balance!!

  4. I have always liked your meaning of the word "Balance" but if you do decide to change it how about "Vision". Looking into the past,present and future would work......Just putting in my 2 cents as usual......

  5. What's in a tag line? Isn't it just another form of a label? Who needs labels? Seems to me it's another way to limit yourself. To be truly free, we need to remove those labels and tag lines we are compelled to live up to. Don't box yourself in and set impossible - and unnecessary - goals. Just be you. Exult in your life and lifestyle. Enjoy each day you awaken and spend those 86,400 seconds as you choose.

    Moderation in all things, even moderation.



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