Monday, August 9, 2010

Personality Set By First Grade

The title of a article at Yahoo from LiveSciences, "Personality Set For Life By 1st Grade". That got my attention.

Saw that article after recently going through some photos from my child hood (for my 70th birthday). There are three group photos from my grade school years. In first grade, I am sitting at my desk in the four grade classroom far in the background. The next group photo is from fourth grade. There I am on the far outside edge.

The next photo is from sixth grade where the entire eight grades were posed for the photo. There I am on the far outside once again.

Don't know if there were any more group photos from those early years, but -- no doubt -- frugal Mom would not spring to buy the photos every time one was available. However, for me, two out of three photos confirms the premise about personality set by first grade.

Always have been the outsider. Doing my own thing -- by myself. That tendency must have taken me right through high school. The caption (don't know who decides that stuff) under my photo in the yearbook for my senior year, "I'm a self made man. If I had a second chance, I'd call in someone else."

In the end, it really doesn't matter. I am who I am. It doesn't matter how I got here.

Actually, the article gave me a reason for this post and to share the photos and any embarrassment that may go with it. Heck. If I was embarrassed, I wouldn't share them.

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