Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vicarious Travel

I enjoy exploring and traveling, but it is limited to mostly predictable and safer ventures compared to the vicarious travel pleasure that I get through books and over the internet.

Walking The Amazon is one of the blogs that I have followed for close to two years. Considering that Ed Stafford and Cho, his South American companion, are slogging through jungle most times, there isn't too much to write about. Slashing through jungle meeting snakes, insects of all kinds, unfriendly native tribes is not the way I travel. Stafford's intent is to draw attention to the implications of rain forest destruction.

The duo are on the final leg of completing the journey after 850 days of walking from the head waters of the Amazon in Peru. After over two years of slogging through jungle, they will arrive in a large coastal city of Brazil and shortly after Stafford will be on a plane and less than a day later in London.

Leaving two lane roads and going onto four lane freeways is frustrating for me. I cannot imagine the impact of walking through a rain forest for years and arriving at an international airport and getting on a plane. Not sure how I would respond. If I could.

The eagle was soaring overhead at the Tualatin Preserve when I captured the photo with the Canon G10 -- not a camera suited to this kind of action.

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