Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grandpa Reinie Raised Kohlrabi

Farmers markets are the best place to get this member of the cabbage family. In addition to the usual berries at the markets, today I added three kohlrabi for a special treat.

Grandpa had a large garden in the farming village of Morrison. In that garden was the kohlrabi. Not sure if he raised kohlrabi every year. However, I do remember my first taste (as a pre-teen) and loved it. For me, sliced with a little salt is a great treat. Considering how infrequently they can be found, the treat is better than a chocolate chip cookie.

Overripe, they are woody -- and -- not having rodent teeth, they are inedible.


  1. Never ate them raw....always cooked like turnip...We had a few rows in our garden....

  2. Heck. We must have been a weird. We also ate the turnips raw -- some varieties.

  3. Maybe it's a Wisconsin thing, but I like em raw too. Had some tonight... cooked by my mother in law... still prefer them raw.


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