Sunday, August 22, 2010

Perils of Home Ownership

Two a.m. Bodily function calls. Slide out of bed. Cross six feet of floor to step down. What. Water on the floor. Lights on. Sure enough. It's water. Nearby towel soaks up water. Knees on slightly damp floor. Check plumbing for source of leak. Found it. Turn off commode water supply.

Head back to bed. Can't sleep. Water leaks nag for repair. A call to a landlord would resolve this problem. Owning Wandrin Wagon means I have to make the arrangements. Mobile RV repair would be great. Out of bed to find the RV park's handouts to check the ads. Call in the morning.

Back to bed. Can't sleep. Pick up the latest travel adventure book. Eyes are beginning to droop.

Hmmm. Never did take care of that bodily function...

Postscript: Swapping money for services, the leak was fixed. Additionally, all exploring plans were put on hold while waiting for repairs. Home ownership is over rated. A call to a landlord would have been easier and less stressful.


  1. Gosh, that water must have gotten pretty deep if there was a fish in it!

  2. Barb and Ron,
    Fortunately, there wasn't that much. No way that the trout could survive in a puddle. That photo was the only one in my collection that represented water in a meaningful way. :)


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