Friday, August 20, 2010

Top Ten Lists

In the old days when I still had TV and watched the Travel Channel, there was the "Top Ten Beaches", "Top Ten Surfing Places", "Top Ten Casinos", etc. You get the idea.

Who decides this stuff. In the case of Travel Channel, no doubt some of those named "top tens" provided some accommodation of some type. Hey. What did you expect from a cynic.

Which gets me to the real point of this entry. RVings Top Ten was the subject of an entry at Nick's Gypsy Journal Blog. Supposedly you're not a real RVer until you've experienced the top ten on that list. I managed to get eight out of ten without even knowing there was a list.

Never been to an "RV Rally". Sounds like way too many people -- a crowd. The other item I didn't do with an RV was the Alaska Highway -- although it was done on a camping trip the last year I was employed. By my calculation, I've done nine out of ten. Close enough for me -- if I cared.

Looking at the list, it seems that RVing is not about getting away and exploring the natural and scenic world of North America, but going where all the other RVers are hanging out. That sounds like pack mentality.

Boondocking is on that list. To me, boondocking is out in the desert or some national forest without electricity or water and your nearest camping neighbor is at least a 100 yards away. Sorry. But parking on a Wal-Mart parking without electricity does not qualify as boondocking.

Regarding boondocking..... I've been asked if it is safe to boondock out in the desert or national forest. To me it is safer out there than on that Wal-Mart or casino parking lot with its traffic, parking lot lighting and the bad guys easy access to four lane roads.
There are no life lists, bucket lists, must sees, etc. in my travels. That makes for a less stressful journey of exploring. A lot easier to keep balance.


  1. Right on the money correct again. Well said Lloyd.

  2. Add my agreement as well. I have been in campgrounds where it was practically empty, but invariably someone would pull up in the site right next to mine. I think many folks are afraid of being too far away from "help" if they need it.

  3. Thank-you! It is nice to know I am not the only one out there who is not impressed with the follow-the-crowd mentality. Judy

  4. We couldn't have said it better.

    We were born leaders, not followers. Don't get us wrong, we enjoy meeting people on our travels. But when it comes to actually getting out there to LIVE and EXPLORE the area we are in we would rather be left alone.

    To each their own....

    Have a great weekend!
    The Freely Living Life Family


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