Monday, August 30, 2010

Balanced Eating

Long time friend hiking buddy, Rich, left Estes Park, Colorado and arrived in Portland via Southwest mid last week. We have been long time hiking com-padres, but there has been no hiking since his arrival unless walking farmers markets and grocery stores can be construed as hiking.

Our attempt to "maintain balance" is eating three good meals everyday. With no thought for what effect this eating may have on the numbers on a bathroom scale, there has been no pause -- in eating and Starbucks -- since Rich's arrival.

After my exploring over the past several weeks, Rich joined me for some repeat visits. One of those repeats was to a very sunny day at Cannon Beach for a great lunch and a chat with Stella (friend from Benson, AZ) at Seaside.

Saturday it was downtown Portland. Headed to the Saturday Market to check out the latest in "nobody needs" stuff, there was plenty to choose from. How about taking bicycle parts from chains to spokes and make jewelry. Name of the booth was Bike Bling.

From there we walked the streets to Voodoo Doughnut to see a line from the front door about 50 yards long. Rich nor I have the patience to stand in line. Let alone for doughnuts. Walking away, I noted two gals ready to start eating their doughnut purchases, I asked for a view. Asking if it was worth the long wait, one of the two said "Yes". The other responded with an emphatic "No."

Less than ten short blocks away we were at Powell's Bookstore. Rich was duly impressed and overwhelmed by the selection available. Trying to remember that books are ballast and there are about 15 tree based books that await my reading attention, we exited without more books. Mentioning my fame on the store's marquee, Rich opted out on his opportunity.

Then it was the Beaverton Farmers Market to taste at every booth and have a snack lunch on foot. With purchases of oysters, cookies, bread and blueberries, we headed back to Wandrin Wagon where part of the dinner included oysters on the grill and vine ripened tomatoes. Scrumptious.

Since Rich's arrival, clouds have become a predominant part of the skies. Anticipating a clear day, we headed to Mt. Hood. Not to be. The peak was mostly in light clouds. Along with a wind, it was also a cold day to be standing outside admiring Timberline Lodge. Built with "stimulus" monies of the 1930s, 2010 stimulus money is used for structural maintenance. With stone work and wood carvings, it is another beautiful example of a structure by the CCC in the 1930s.

At mid day, it was a good time to dine in one of the many options at the Timberline Lodge. We chose indoors casual window dining on a bowl of chili.

On the way back to Wandrin Wagon, we stopped at the Bonneville Dam and Fish Hatchery. Along with salmon awaiting to spawn in hatchery tanks, a 400 pound Sturgeon occupies a small pond for visitor viewing.

These fish were for viewing. No eating here.

Never done with eating, today we had sushi for lunch. After our afternoon cocktails, there will be a smorgasbord for dinner after too many stops at high end grocery stores.

Yup. Enjoying life is a matter of balance.... Three balanced meals a day. At least.

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