Saturday, August 21, 2010

No More Balance

When I adopted the tag line "keep the balance" over ten years ago, it seemed novel. It was the result of travel to Australia where I discovered that there are people who knew how to balance work and play. The Aussies weren't big on the "all work" American motto.

Later I modified that tag line to "Enjoying life is a matter of balance". Soon it appeared on the masthead of my blog and web site. It didn't take long for the concept to became part of my life as it found its way into my speech and editorializing. When others looked to me as the epitome of balance, I knew the concept was in trouble.

Over this past year I've seen the concept of "balance" appearing in resignation speeches, in a 50th birthday interview and a summary of labor negotiations. This morning it was in a book review of "Eat, Pray, Love" (a book I haven't read). Worse yet the word was in quotes.

That's it. Balance is out.

The heck with it. No more trying to achieve balance. The term actually meant something when I was working; attempt to balance work with play. Today, I am not so sure what I am trying to balance.

I'm going back to slavishly mono-minded pursuit of doing nothing. Which is what I do anyway.

Removing the words from my blog and web site is easy. A more serious issue is what to do with this beautifully carved rock.

Beginning today, the only balance in my life will be a positive amount in my checking account. At least I will try to maintain a positive amount by not spending too much.


  1. "Balance is out...the heck with it."

    But maybe you were right all along, and that slogan belonged in your masthead and identity, and then you achieved IT. Thus, time for a new challenge.

    You didn't say whether or not you achieved it.

  2. Rereading my post, it appears some thought details were left out. Need to work on that. Hang on for a "Part Two".

  3. Just a thought. How about substituting "Serenity" for "Balance?" I have that on a small sign by my front door, in Chinese (or maybe it is Japanese), just as a reminder as I go out the door.

    BTW, I've always liked your "Balance" credo.

  4. Send that rock my way...I could use a little balance about now....


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