Thursday, July 1, 2010

Running away???

Grounded  a book written by Seth Stevenson. Subtitled "A Down to Earth Journey Around the World".

The intent of Stevenson and his wife was to travel around the world without using air travel. Several forms of transportation are used in this circling of the earth and each leg is planned as the previous leg is completed. The descriptions of the traveling accommodations and his fellow travelers makes the book. However, the travel is mostly moving with almost no local exploring before boarding the next leg of travel around the world. I may have missed the author's self imposed deadline for the trip's completion. It seems he may have been rushing the journey.

Perhaps that is the reason for the author making this observation when the journey isn't half over: "The wonderful thing about extended travel—the whole lifestyle, with the come-and-go friendships and the rootless freedom—is that it breaks you out of ruts you’ve carved in your everyday life. But when you never stop traveling, travel itself becomes a rut. At some point, you’re no longer gaining a richer perspective on your life. It’s more like you’re running away." (Italics my emphasis.)

Perhaps my nine year nomadic travel is running away. However, for me it is running from all the "prescribed shoulds and needs" that were drummed into my brain in my youth and beyond as a victim of the American corporate culture and an unending dose of advertising messages. Deprogramming takes a long time.

For me, my nomadic travel is "running to" satisfy my curiosity: to see the natural beauty of the land; chat with the peoples that inhabit much of the North America; taste the variety of ethnic foods; explore the farmers markets; my Wisconsin farm roots causes me to note farming practices and crops across the country; finding and admiring building architecture in older downtown sections; ... and more. Curiosity results in learning regardless of the source. I also learn from my fellow travelers as well as those who live a settled existence.

At that inevitable time when I give up the nomadic travel, my hope is that I am physically and mentally able to explore the smaller physical world where I have settled. The hope is that I can take up where I left off before I started the travel.... Go to art cinema. An occasional live theater performance. Memberships at the museums, the zoo, the botanic garden for frequent visits. Going for a walk or a hike.  ....and more.

No. My life is not running from something. I am running forward to live each day -- where ever I may be camped or settled.

Time to run...

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  1. We share a very similar philosophy...When I read your profile and your mention of balance, I knew exactly what you were talking about...I always say my main goal is to get back to balanced asap, once Ive been pulled out of balance by the stumbling blocks that we all face on a dialy basis.
    I have been fed up with what I call the Corporate Coup of America for a very long time...I was never a part of it, but certainly have been affected by it as we all are.
    MY dream now is to become a full time traveler and see all I can in one lifetime! When I was a young girl I wanted to walk across America, like Peter Jenkins, but instead I got married and raised a child...Im not financial independent and have no permanent job just letting the universe take care of me at the moment, while I help my 86 yr old Mom deal with the blocks in her way....and allowing that is part of my trust and belief in the law of attraction-For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


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