Friday, July 2, 2010

Walking Port Townsend

Several buildings along the water front main drag of Port Townsend date to the Victorian era. Some are in need of work. Others have been upgraded to condos like this one.

Many of the building exterior walls advertised the building commercial interests or in this case the ad was for Bull Durham tobacco. Nothing small about this ad. It covers the entire side of the building from the sidewalk to the alley.

Continuing my walk, this 1957 Chevy was spotted. I always liked the lines of that car. My grandfather bought a new 1957 Chevy sedan after driving Dodge products for many years.

After a great lunch at a Thai restaurant downtown, I headed over to this retro fifties soda fountain for an ice cream treat. That was the last food for the day. The pants were getting a bit tight.

More walking to work off lunch and ice cream was when I met Lydia and Ray in front of Waterfront Pizza (the best in town). Lydia and Ray are traveling on the tandem bicycle from Calgary to San Francisco. No. They are not pedaling back to Calgary. They are getting on a plane for the return trip. Their travel companions, Marty and Barb, stopped by momentarily as they headed back to the laundry. 

Ray and Lydia had tried to do the same journey last year, but were hit by a drunk driver 20 days into their travels. Although both were scratched up pretty badly, nothing was broken -- beyond the bicycle. After a day or two in the hospital they returned to Calgary to heal and plan for a future ride. 

Considering last year's trauma, the couple was quite up beat about life and this journey. With the rush at Waterfront Pizza, Ray and Lydia had to wait for the next cycle of pizzas from the oven. That gave us plenty of time to chat about travel. Regarding tandem bicycle riding, Ray joked that it helps when somebody needs to read the map and act as navigator. 


  1. You prefer staying in Port Townsend rather than the nearby SKP park in Chimacum?

    There is a nice walk/bike trail along the water by the paper mill.

  2. Just remembered the great bike trail that starts before Sequim Bay State Park and goes to Port Angeles. It is really nice. The goal is to extend it around the peninsula.

  3. Rita,
    Price is almost the same at the Elks and I am closer to downtown Port Townsend. If I get over near Sequim, it will probably be to visit Olympic NP. Keeping myself busy this weekend locally on this holiday weekend to avoid the busy roads.


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