Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oregon State Capitol Building

After fires destroyed the first two capitol buildings, the current building with art deco influences was dedicated in 1938. Oregon's history is depicted in numerous sculptures and murals throughout the building. The statue atop the dome is the Oregon Pioneer -- a woodsman with an ax in his hand.

A tour would have been great. However, the number of young children on the tour deterred me from following the group. The self tour is the alternative. Not as ornate as most capitol buildings and not looking like the nation's capitol in Washington, DC, it is refreshing originality.

The capitol building concept is retained in this art deco building with a large open space, long stairways and the dome over the entry area.

No 100 year old fixtures and desks in the legislative chambers in Oregon. Relatively modern looking -- although art deco in style.

Why do capitol buildings resemble cathedrals.


  1. Lloyd, we just visited the Michigan State Capitol yesterday, and this very subject came up. One thought was that both religion and our system of government have a lot of similarities, and are revered and honored by those that adhere to their respective tenets. Cathedrals to a god or the rule of law come off looking and feeling very similar.

  2. Thom,
    Could not have said it better.
    Some intellectual/philosopher/sociologist must have written a book on the subject. Off to a new search...


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